Local Window Cleaner You Can Rely On

At Integrity Window Cleaning we are passionate about taking good care of your home. If you are in the Guildford, Woking, Crawley, Surrey, or Sussex area, give us a call and see first-hand why our fair prices, friendly staff, and desire to provide the best customer service are appreciated by so many of your friends & neighbours – but the way that we leave your home looking is why you’ll be asking us to keep coming back!

What first impression do your windows give?

You have probably heard many times that first impressions are everything. So when you first walk up to your friends or neighbours home, what are some of the things you first notice?
Do you notice the water stains and dust on the windows from recent storms? Do you notice spider webs, dead bugs, and leaves on the window sills? What about inside looking out – is the view hidden by smudges & greasy fingerprints? If that’s what you notice about your friend’s homes – what do they notice about yours?

Expert Window Cleaning in Woking, Horsham, Epsom & Guildford

Some say that time is the most important and thoughtful gift that you could ever give someone. Would you agree? Your time is valuable and who or what you choose to spend it on truly shows what is important to you.
So when it comes to chores, like cleaning the gutters or washing all those windows in your house (especially the high up and difficult to reach ones!) that could potentially take time away from what is important, why not choose Integrity Window Cleaning to do it instead?

Conservatory cleaning services in Woking & Crawley

At Integrity Window Cleaning, we do more than just clean windows – we have a range of complimentary exterior cleaning services, and conservatory cleaning is one of my favourites because I love to see the transformations that can be achieved.

For me, the dirtier the conservatory the better, because I know the contrast when the job is done will be absolutely stunning and my customers never fail to smile when they see that kind of transformation.

Earlier this week we had a conservatory roof to clean in Woking. I am gutted that I forgot to take before and after photos of this one, because it was really quite spectacularly dirty – I’ve included photos above of other recent conservatory cleaning jobs, but this one was even worse! The homeowner had only recently bought the house and he was convinced that it must not have been cleaned once since it was built nine years ago.

Professional window cleaners in Surrey & Sussex

The effort required to keep your windows clean varies quite a lot from one home to the next. In some areas traffic pollution from nearby roads or dust from nearby industry can mean that windows get dirty very quickly, or if you live near the sea then salt spray can be an issue even a few miles inland. One of our customers in Horsham has a slightly different issue… spiders!

Yes, you read it right, we have one house we clean regularly that is always covered with cobwebs. While I’m not a big fan of spiders myself, I definitely don’t have a phobia… but we do have one member of staff who will do anything to avoid cleaning these windows so we’ve learned to put him on a different rota the days that this clean is due!