High Reach Gutter Cleaning In Ascot

One of our busiest services at this time of year is high reach gutter cleaning. After the winter storms many people find their gutters overflowing simply because of all the leaves and rubbish picked up by the wind and deposited in the gutters, causing blockages. These blockages may seem insignificant, but if left unresolved they can be the root cause of major water damage to a building, so at Integrity Window Cleaning we always recommend checking gutters twice a year, and find most properties require gutter cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

One particular gutter cleaning job we do regularly is on a 3 storey building in Ascot. This building is surrounded by mature pine trees, and the pine needles seem to lodge in the gutters more than normal leaves. When the pine needles start to rot in the gutters they matt together and seal across the top of the downspouts, stopping the water flowing away completely, so on this job it’s more important than most to keep on top of the issue and the customer has asked us to clean the gutters out twice a year.